We are all in a journey returning to our “true home” the infinite world and beyond, through many worlds and realities.  From these finite realities to the unity reality and back to our true reality, the infinite world.  The journey will not stop there, we will continue our journey to realities beyond any concept known,  and at last returning to the Source / Home.

At this point, it is only the beginning of the journey. We are faced with several returning paths right now.  All paths have their own added values and consequences.  All experiences in the finite worlds have added values to the infinite realities.  All experiences in the worlds bound by concepts have added values to realities beyond current known concepts (infinity is still within our concept, the Source lies much-much more beyond infinity).

In short the more we know / experience what is “Not God” the more we understand the true nature of God / the ultimate Source.  As the saying goes: “He/she who knows the self (finite, bound in concepts), knows God (infinite, beyond any concept)”.  Our experience in a hot weather make us  understand / appreciate more of a cold weather and vice-versa.

This is only the beginning of our returning journey.  However, if our conscious, our inner-selves could go back beyond time and space (especially in meditation, in stillness), it does not matter much whether we are in the beginning or in  the end, our hearts feel always at Home.  Just enjoy the journey.


  • To remind ourselves that we are in a journey towards Home, but keep our inner-selves, our hearts, feel always at Home and enjoy the journey. 
  • To give inspirations on the available returning paths. 
  • To remind all of us that all paths have their own added values and consequences.
  • To raise awareness that we are all actually One, nothing in existence but the One. To make peace with our/other selves.

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