"The Grand Plan" the way I understand is that we are here to understand the opposite meaning of infinity in order to go beyond infinity. Our true home is the infinite reality (7th Density). The more we understand the finite realities, the more we understand and appreciate the infinity realm. An opening to understand what is beyond infinity and return to the Source. The saying the more we understand ourselves (limited being), the more we understand God (the Source, the infinite Creator, beyond any concept). If we understand the concept of COLD, we will understand more the concept of HOT or vice versa. In other words, the grand plan to go beyond infinity is by understanding the opposite meaning of infinity (being in this finite reality from the first to the 6th Density).

To understand this octave (from first to the 7th Density), we create many paths to return to Oneness (6th Density). Is like to understand a mountain we climb every possible paths to the top. Every paths provide different experiences in order to understand the mountain (our selves and the Source/God).

Many believe there are two paths in going back to Oneness, the right/positive and left/negative paths. I believe the universe is NOT black and white. Within each path there are many-many sub-paths. From the very extreme (black or white) to the middle paths (grey tones). Those on the middle paths on both sides can get along more compare to those of the extreme path on one side. 

Humanity is the great experiment to create a truly middle path although slightly towards the right side (this is my bias). That is why we have genetics from both sides. Enabling us understanding/accepting All as One more easily. The extremists from both sides are very skeptical of this project from the beginning (billions of years ago).

In the 4th density, the left side have to learn wisdom without love first and the right side have to learn love without wisdom first. But human middle path have to learn love with wisdom and oneness all at the same time the holistic way. Humans have to depend on their Higher Selves (or God within us). Not from a guru nor a savior (or ET from 4th or 5th density) but from our future (or past) selves that existed without the time constraints (ourselves in the 6th density that already One with All). It is a great challenge. No wonder so many skeptics, especially beings from the 4th and 5th densities that are far away from middle paths. They saw failure attempts in past, but this time the humans will succeed. This path will enables every soul in expediting their evolution reaching Oneness and go further beyond.

My original "Meaning of Life" edited by Dr. Scott Mandelker, comments from David Wilcock and Jim McCarty: http://www.geocities.ws/jachmad/E2004-07-02-TheMeaningOfLife.htm   UNEDITED version: http://www.geocities.ws/jachmad/E2002-07-15-TheMeaningOfLife-Unedited.htm