How do we define whether we are in the Unity or Separation state? To describe the Separation State is easy. Whenever we feel more or less compare to others, we are in separation.

  • When we feel less than others, we feel sad. We feel INFERIOR.
  • When we feel more than others, we feel happy. We feel SUPERIOR.
  • In other words, we are always in DUALITY. This Duality State makes us grow (and indeed it will make us move forward, although always in pain, suffering and the opposite feelings in circles).

This include states when we feel that God or Nature gives us something more or less to us compare to others.

The state of Unity is the opposite feeling of being in separation. The Sufi says: “Look to the east, you will find the face of the Creator. Look to the west, you will find the face of the Creator. All creations are perfect the way they are. Always (mostly) in the state of peacefulness”.

How do we reach Unity? The Sufi says: “Through the way of acceptance. See all experiences as just lessons. Accept the experience of inferiority. Accept the experience of superiority. Accept the DUALITY experiences and MOVE ON, you will reach Unity”.