As the transition to the next density is near the end, the provocations towards separation intensify.  The act of injustice and foolishness by the elites appeared so blatant, making the urge to eliminate them becomes unbearable. This is a trap, albeit a classic one. In the old days they dragged the target in a hot desert and the Sufi follower keep recited One repeatedly to stay in Unity. Once the Sufi followers think that those “bad guys” were the creation of other creator and have to be eliminated, the provocations succeeded. These stories were repeated in many forms, many times.

However, what these unjust and foolish elites (they think it was brilliant and just according to their limited perception) do not realized is that their actions makes ways for a “grander wiser dictator” to replace/eliminate them. These stories were also repeated in many forms, many times. In the old days the unjust and foolish Mayan elites were replaced by the “mighty Europeans”.  This time might be the “mighty Aliens”, make ways for the “The Alien Invasion”.

Be careful for what we wish for. See All as One, we are One, we are Infinite. We are here to understand more the opposite meaning of Infinity, so that we can understand and appreciate more of the Infinite Creator.