Humanity on Earth is designated for the middle path. Before describing what is the middle path, let us define what is the left and right paths. The left path is wisdom without (unconditional) love and the right path is love without wisdom. In short, the middle path is Oneness with love and wisdom (See also “The Grand Plan and the Great Experiment”).

People usually confuse regarding the difference between the middle path and the right path. If the middle path is about Oneness and the left path is about duality and separation then what is the right path about? If the middle path is about acceptance and the left path is about elimination and balance then what is the right path about?

The Left Path

Let us describe how to evolved in the left path. Our main weapon is elimination and balance (fair, just). Eliminate our own weakness so we become superior, whatever criteria of weakness or superior one belief. Each person or faction can have different criteria or belief system, so eliminate those who do not have the same criteria or belief system, because they hampered our progress. At least eliminate their views or arguments or beliefs, on the extreme side (extreme left paths) eliminate their existence in this reality. 

Be balance and just (light bringer), what is balance (or just) evolved with our wisdom. That is why we are not always winning. When we feel superior to others we feel separated from others and become the elite. We feel wiser (or smarter) than others, we think we have more wisdom than others.

Fire (war) has the power to eliminate and balance (according to our perceptions), that is why hell is associated with fire, the path of elimination. This is a duality path, winning and losing is the norm. At one time we feel superior, at other time we feel inferior, always eliminate our weakness and others but be just. When we always feel superior, we are stagnant, because there is always some weakness unless we are infinite.

At the ultimate point we think we reach infinity, all our desires are satisfied, no weakness whatsoever. The world we live in are all according to our ideals, everything is balanced. Then we realized that the Universe just give us what we think is ideal (after hundreds of million years evolving). The Universe just give everything to us without expecting anything in return, then we continue the journey in Oneness with love and wisdom, then later we go back to infinity and beyond.      

The Right Path

The path of unconditional love and forgiveness (the unbalance path). Always try to be unconditional loving to the surrounding and forgiving to others (is not a balance condition, however if everybody doing it, is a balance society) always be joyful. It is not always easy to be unconditional loving to everyone, there is always a person that you can not forgive at one point in time and there will be a sorrow moment. The duality of joy and sorrow is the norm of this path.

To evolve through time and space our wisdom part has to grow and then less sorrow will be encountered entering Oneness in peace with love and wisdom, then later going back to infinity and beyond.

The Middle Path

The peaceful path, neither like the right path nor the left path (“neti, neti”), see all as One. The path of acceptance that All is perfect the way they are. All paths are just the opposite experience of infinity, enriching our original infinite state, created by the Infinite Creator.

However, it is not easy to see that everybody as perfect, not always that we can see all as One. There are occasions that we feel joy, sorrow, superior or inferior BUT most of the time we are in peace because we realized that all are just experiences, learning tools to appreciate more of our original infinite state, enabling us to move beyond infinity. The peacefulness grows as our unconditional love, wisdom and Oneness evolves.

The Zigzag Path

It is common that a person in his/her early adult years choose the left path and when he/she becomes older switching to the right path and then leaning to the middle path. The middle path is harder to master, one can do a zigzag path between left and right path but keep the swing to a minimum. It is like climbing a steep mountain through a zigzag road. It is important not to go to the extreme left or right, keep staying between the middle left and middle right, where we can easily be in stillness.  

Clearing up the first three chakras, a prerequisite of the middle path

1. No need to feel stronger or weaker (physically)  

2. Not obsessed with cheerfulness and not afraid of grief

3. No need to feel smarter / superior or inferior (intellectually)

The media around the world obviously are pushing people in the opposite direction.  However, tt is a common teaching around the world that one have to forgive others, to be just as well as to see others as equals, so humanity on Earth is designated for the middle path.

A prayer from a famous scripture [remarks in brackets]

Guide us to the straight path. The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor [The middle path, those who sees the Universe as perfect, always in peace]

not of those who have evoked [Your] anger {The left path, those who sees others not in line with one ideals and have to be eliminated (their beliefs to the least, their existence to the extreme), mostly in anger]

or of those who are astray [The right path, those who sees others diverted from the right path, mostly in sorrow]